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Your pool sanctuary won’t be complete without a beautiful plants and landscape

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Once the pool is designed and installation finished, your backyard is not complete without the Distinctive Exteriors landscaping services to turn your backyard into a desert oasis. As experts in irrigation and landscaping, we understand how to create a landscape that will look beautiful throughout the years.”


We are focused on creating a landscape design filled with plants you love that will work with the longevity of your backyard. Not only will your plant and irrigation system look good the day we plant, but your backyard will continue to look great ten years later.   

From choosing the right plants to finding the best materials, our focus on quality is first and foremost. If the material won’t last or look good in your backyard, we won’t use it. To ensure our customers are happy with our product for years to come, we will only use the best to bring your backyard to life.

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Get started today with our Backyard Planner! By answering a few questions, Distinctive Exteriors can begin to see what you like. Let us aid you in figuring out what you are looking to have in your outdoor spaces